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Name: Junie Leong
D.O.B: 13th June 1986
School: GRADUATED frm Queensland Uni Of Technology



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MY Wishlist
1) a new wallet
2) more chip and dale items..:)
3) more clothes
everyone to be safe and healthy


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    HAPPY 2010..:)
    Sunday, January 03, 2010

    oopx.. haven been here since ages.. looking back at 2009.. pretty rough year indeed.. work n such.. anyhow.. looking forward to a better 2010.. =] i hope everyone will have a great new year...

    anyway.. jan 1st 2010.. went to vivo city with the family to walk walk... n i got myself a new phone.. HTC hero.. pretty much meddling with my weekend phone for now.. but i got to surrender it once i head to work again tmr..:P mine's the white one though..:)

    oh ya.... this phone is pretty much awesome.. now my whole family is using htc.. mum-hd2.. sis-tattoo.. only aunt using samsung.. wahaha..;) i <3>

    new year new resolution:-
    • get a new job (hopefully soon =])
    • go on more holiday trips (bangkok/taiwan/aussieland.. many many more)
    • get the license soon
    • stay healthy n slim down a little..=]
    • hope everyone ard me is happy n stay in the pinkiest of health..
    tats abt it.. hahaha.. better not put more cos might not fulfill all..:P anyhow.. off to play with my phone abit more before heading off to bed..:)

    have a great year ppl.. and will update as and when i can / feel like it..:P

    - Junie was here.... @ 8:31 PM

    Happy 23rd Birthday Junie
    Sunday, June 21, 2009

    woww.. 3 weekend full of celebrating...:) im officially FAT already la..=] anyway.. thanks friends for all the pressies and meal treat..:) im really thankful to every single 1 of ya~~

    firstly ... thanks guys and gals for the wishes on facebook on the midnight of my birthday up till the day after..:)

    here's a screenshot of the long long list of wishes..:P

    anyway here's wat happen on 13th june 2009...

    woke up and got dress and off we went to orchard road... it was a rainy day... but wat are we doing there?? cos my idol was there.. oopsie..:) was suppose to start abt 12.. but we waited till 1pm and haven started.. since we were hungry.. we went to waraku for lunch..:)

    we had the set meal.. and lunch was on sis..:) thanks sis..=] nice full meal..:) than oopsie.. heard the event started and zoom.. off we went... stayed till the event was over..:) and got a free coca cola glass bottled.. yayyness... and than we walk walk since jan's fren event only started at abt 530pm... oh ya.. jan got herself haivanas..:) we walked to cineleisure.. and went to check out on movie timing... in the end we chose to watch ghost of girlfriends past... was quite a nice show.. heartwarming in the end.. but mum ended up sleeping..:X.. hahaha...

    than we went back to heeren to wait for jan fren event to start.. and than after that we went for dinner... wanted to eat the jap food that colleague recommended at the central..:) but in the end the store went closed..:( no chance to try le...kinda suay.. cos everywhere we wanted to go.. was either packed or needs to have booking... in the end we went to the novotel.. for buffet dinner...:]


    the night ended off with us having bloated tummys..:) but with wide smiles on our face..=] but the surprise didn't end there...:) i got home and was told to be the one opening the door.. and i sensed something amiss .. definitely SURPRISE..:) i saw a basket of flowers for me on the dining table.. and in it was 4 cute lil bears... aiyo.. i was so touched.. thanks bestie... spend so much $$$ for my birthday and still got flowers..:) xie xie ni men.. and i hurried to take a pic with the flowers and msg my besties to thank them..:) after tat was time for bed... nite nite world. and happy birthday to me..:)
    sunday.. once i woke up..:) i took pics of all my pressies..:) there you go..:) many many things.. this year.. everyone got me dale..:) oopsie..

    tuesday [090616]

    after work.. mum came to fetch me and drove me to Jurong Point to meet up with Pres and Shirley and also Pres BF.. hahaha.. long time no meet shirley le..:) but all of them are doing great..:) pres is studying already.. and shirley is getting married nxt year.. wheez... congrats congrats gal..:) and me still the same old me.. wahhaha...:P anyway.. we chatted alot throughout dinner.. and also talked abt school days.. i miss school.. so so much..:) maybe i shd return to school 1 day too..:P oh ya.. we ate at bakerzin.. not bad the food..:) pasta and cakes.. thanks for the treat you both... we gotta meet more often.. :) study hard too =]
    saturday [090620]

    last but not least... i met up with my dearest von for lunch at raffles place..:) we had a nice nice talk as usual... thinking back of uni life.. i miss brissy o so much. im so planning on my return trip nxt year... and also planning on my overseas trip with von..=] oh ya... she got me a cute lil dale frm hk disneyland.. thanks babe..:) its beside my chippu on my bed now..:) we had a nice lunch and dessert too.. than went to wander abt the mall.. guess we have all change.. and shopping is not like it seems.. maybe its not like in brissy..:) wahahhaa..:) than she send me to amara to meet up with mum.. thanks gal..:) meet again real soon..=]

    yayyy.. finally updated finish..:) happybirthday09 junie.. =]

    - Junie was here.... @ 8:49 PM

    June 6th 09..:)
    Sunday, June 07, 2009

    woots.... happy in advance to Junie..:) had a great birthday celebration till early this morning with my 3 besties.. fonda, esther and joan..:] thanks for all the pressies and great surprise..:)

    let me update first..:D while waiting for the pics..;)

    yest afternoon..took a bathe and went out with mum and fetch sis.. before heading to mum's doc.. we took lunch at toa payoh hub .. cos the weather was so hawtt..:S after tat we went to mum doc and than headed to junction 8 before meeting up with besties..:)

    at abt 4 plus.. mum left for nephew caelan 6th birthday bash.. and i was wandering abt j8 waiting for my bestie..:D at abt 5pm.. ring ring.. the phone rang.. fonda called and told me to meet them at the basement..

    we went to the carpark and off we went to pick esther up..:) and than headed to destination unknown by the 3 of them.. which we almost got lost. but didn't.:D so we headed to tampines 1.. all the way to the east of the country.. we waited quite abit before heading into the carpark... and than the 1st surprise happen..:D in a random effort.. joan threw my birthday card on my seat.. damn gao xiao and random lo... but i love the green card...=] anyhow.. after parking the car and getting to the elevator area.. the 2nd surprise came out.. a daley soft toy appeared..lol... oh my tian.. they got my chippu twin..:D hahahhaa.. anyway.. they make a pair now..:D so its all good..:) n i got to carry it all the way to the restaurant with everyone else staring at me..:|

    we went to manpuku restaurant for dinner.. it was like marche.. where we swipe the card after ordering food..:D the food was okay.. take a look at the pics below~~





    oh yeah.. we snap a few shots along the way.. and the fruit tart was simply awesome..though the price is also quite costly.. but i prefer the dessert..:D


    and last but not least.. a pretty shot of the 4 of us..:D besties forever..:)



    after dinner... was movie time... as i was told we are going to watch night of the musuem 2.. so for this i was prepared. we got to the cinema.. and many many ppl there already.. we queue for the tickets.. and got in and sat at the last row. the cinema was crowded for a weekend night... but the show was hilarous.. by the time the show ended.. it was ard 11pm already... most of us were tired.. but last but not least .. they decide to go liang seah for supper : dessert.. so we drove down.. and ate desset while talking..:D eventually we went home with fonda driving us back 1 by1 ..:D thanks fonda.. conked off in bed at ard 3am.. :P..

    thaks besties for this wonderful birthday celebration..:D will post the pressie pics once i take it..:D

    and for now its 6 more days...:)

    - Junie was here.... @ 11:52 AM

    wahahhaa.. WISHLIST~~
    Wednesday, May 20, 2009

    wootss... wishlist for the year is here..:)

    1. a new wallet..:)
    2. a green and white adidas jacket
    3. a new digi cam- panasonic lumix g1
    4. swatch watch
    5. a new lappy..:)
    6. holiday trips..[near or far will be good for a break..:P]
    7. more clothes for work..
    8. more chip and dale stuff..:)
    9. haivainas..:)
    and the list goes on.. wahahahaha..:) i guess this is it.. will update if i think of anymore..;) its just a wishlist hur hur~~

    - Junie was here.... @ 9:00 PM

    a day out withthe gals..:D
    Saturday, May 02, 2009

    after a day of public holiday.. and staying at cuzzies house..:D i went off to take the mrt to meet the other 3.. but heh.. reach to early.. so i went to walk around vivocity.. and than went to the mrt at ard 1pm to meet the rest..:D wow.. after sucha long time not meeting up... every change.. all become pretty young adults..:D though their appearance change.. but they are still the same ol friends i know a few years ago...:)

    and so we walk to gv to get our tickets to the show ramen gal..:D and than we walk around for some snacks before the movie starts... the movie was not too bad..:) quite short show.. but pretty funny at parts.. because of the gal and the jap ramen sinsei..:D they could not converse in english / jap at the same time.. but the ending was expected.. and sweet though.. ;)

    after that.. we went for LUNCH..;D guess wat we ate?? hahah.. ramen.. we are so intrigued with the ramen in the show... yepz.. so we went to find the ramen shop and sat down eat and talk..:D nice catching up with the gals.. many things happen but im still glad our friendship is still strong.. HUGS..:D after lunch.. we went to walk ard..:) and snap some pics.. before we parted back home..;D was chatting with zai zai till i reach yck..:D im so glad to have met up.. i really m.. meet more often k..:)

    - Junie was here.... @ 9:34 PM